Our Strengths

We have identified the following as our key competitive strengths:
We have a highly qualified and experienced management and engineering team to provide quality test program development, conversion and optimization services

We have an experienced management team that comprises individuals who have worked in the semiconductor industry in areas such as administration, operations, research, technology development, marketing and financial management.
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Our engineering team comprises more than 60 engineers and is led by a core group of experienced managers in the semiconductor industry. They specialize in test program development and conversion for both mixed-signal and logic ICs using a variety of test platforms including those from Teradyne and Agilent.

We have strong engineering capabilities to provide wafer sorting and final testing

We are one of the largest independent testing companies in Asia-Pacific to provide wafer sorting and final testing services for mixed-signal and logic ICs. We handle more than 50,000 wafers each month, and the experience gathered from testing such volumes has provided us with the ability to anticipate and deal with a wide range of potential issues in testing. This allows us to provide our customers with effective solutions to secure satisfactory yield rate.
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Our strong engineering capability and in-depth knowledge of testing platforms allow us to have a good understanding of the technologies that are used in providing testing services. This in turn has enabled us to maintain higher and more stable yields as evident from feedback from our customers.

We have strong probe card design and maintenance engineering capabilities
services with more stable and higher yield results

Our engineering team is not only specialized in test program development, conversion and optimization, they are also good at load board and probe card design which are essential in enabling us to understand our customers' technical requirements.
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To provide our customers with better turn-around time and more stable yield result, we have a group of engineers who are highly capable of probe card design and maintenance. With our online problem solving in etching, sanding, alignment, component and wiring, we are able to ensure high production efficiency which in turn enhance our competitiveness.

We provide our customers with quick turnaround time

We focus on providing testing services for mixed-signal and logic ICs mainly used in consumer electronics and communications devices, which typically have short product life cycles. As such, our customers require quick turnaround time in respect of the testing services we provide so that they are able to respond to their own market demands quickly.
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We are able to meet our customers' turnaround requirements by integrating our customer support functions such as technology development and production control, also with our sales and marketing function. This allows us to create effective and efficient communication with our customers and shorten the decision making progress in respect of any issues that may arise.

We have established working relationships with our customers

We have established strategic relationships with our customers such as TSMC, UMC, Marvell, PMC-Sierra, Pixelworks, Sunplus, NXP and AMD. Our excellent service has won us several awards from our customers.

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