Quality Assurance

GTC is committed to pursue zero defect as the goal to provide excellent quality of testing service to lead our customer to be more competitive in the industry and achieve customers' and GTC's mutual interests. The commitment of quality is based on three key principles, which guide the enhancement approaches. The key principles are continuous improvement (QIT) activity to robust process gating solution, fundamental improvement to ensure our compliance with quality standards, and to exceed customer expectation by senior leadership involvement for all employees' on-the-job training and skill certification.

Quality Philosophy

To ensure that our services always meet customers' requirements, we have established real-time audit system for fundamental improvement, automated checking system for the correcting control of shipping information, and also integrated real-time yield loss monitoring/alarm system for promptly in-process quality control. In addition, we also have also established a well-organized system of communication with our customers, such as real-time tester status monitoring and 24-hours engineer customer service.

With our pride, the quality excellence is GTC first priority and only.

Quality Policy

Training thoroughly in all processes: In order to let new employees obey the company rules and meet customers requests in the very fist time, we request all new employee complete training courses and strict authorized certificates.

Completely focus on quality management: All GTC employees in the factory need to be instilled with quality control concepts and methods for improving quality continuously.

Entirely aim for customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is highly valued for GTC. GTC pursue the concepts our business partners and all GTC employees. GTC employees work close and better by the whole efforts to achieve customers' expectation.

Quality Certification


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SONY GP: SS-00259

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ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014

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Quality Control System

QC on-line audit system is a real time feed-back system to ensure our compliance with standards and push our fundamental management ahead.

In order to ensure the correctness of the shipping information, we construct the automated checking system to control.

The real time yield loss monitoring and alarm system can promptly reflect in-process quality status

Rigid engineering change control mechanism to ensure effective change without risks.