Fixturing and Tooling

Global Testing established a fixture and tool R&D team to provide specialized design services in helping customers get all necessary test fixtures at the lowest cost within the shortest time.

Service Philosophy
Through our low cost solution of fixture design, we provide quick and reliable fixture design service.


FTMS (Fixture and Tools Management System) monitors and controls the current status of the probe cards and fixture.


Probe Card
Cantilever and Vertical Probe Cards

To provide our customers with the shortest turn-around time and more stable yield result, we have developed a group of engineers who are highly capable of probe card design and maintenance. This group has problem solving capabilities in etching, sanding, alignment, and component. We accumulate experiences from providing superior high pin-count, small-pitch and small pad-size testing services to enhance our customers´ competitiveness.
We provide various fixture designs for final test service which including socket, lock, hange kit and load board components etc..
About socket; our team has successfully designed the sockets for flip-chip, BGA, CSP, PLCC, QFP and QFN. We also apply pogo pin, gold finger and spring probe in various IC package types based on different applications .Our company´s design ability can be matched with the IC packages from assembly houses..
For the load board; our team specializes in printed circuit board(PCB) design for mixed-signal parallel test. Through our designs, the cross talk and interference among components in parallel test can be minimized to ensure our test quality with high throughput.