Engineering Service

In GTC, we believe getting things right at the very first time is one of the most important principles. This in return has enabled us to reduce overkill rate and re-probe rate which ensure high yield.

As a testing services precursory company, we obtain our knowledge and experience with different test platforms by testing a variety of ICs. We assist our customers in reducing the time taken to commercialize their products (commonly known as "me to market"). We have a library of test programs that we have been developing to enable us to leverage on when assisting our customers with their test program development. We also provide test program conversion services to assist customers in converting test programs from one test platform to the others.Through our test program optimization services, we work closely with our customers to provide them with solutions to reduce the time taken as well as the cost of completing their testing requirements.

Additionally, we assist our customers with low yield analyses to enable them to isolate and identify issues regarding IC design, manufacturing assemblies, or testing processes so that they can improve the quality of the ICs. We also do yield improvement to help customers keep their costs down.
Meanwhile, we engage in early phases of IC design to provide test strategy services to customers. These test strategies include design for testability, tester platform selection and loadboard/probe card design consulting. These cost-effective solutions make mass production go more smoothly.

Up to the end of 2006, we have operated more than 100 testers which include test platforms providing a fully integrated mixed-signal test environment for ICs used in optical disk drive controllers, CMOS image sensor ICs for digital cameras, and network controller ICs for networking devices like routers and switches. We also have good experiences in testing 12" bumped wafer, WLAN RF and chip scale package (CSP) for CMOS image sensor.

Service Philosophy
  • Quick response to minimize rework possibility
  • Yield improvement to support test effectiveness
  • Doing things right at the very first time
  • MTTR and MTBF monitoring to maximize tester utilization.
  • Automatic warning system for calibration to ensure good performance of testers
  • Real time tester status and 24 Hrs rolling monitoring system supervise to update the running status of testers.
  • Real time on-line test yield/Bin monitor system
  • Auto Electric Contact Test system
  • SE-Probe test yield enhancement system
  • Probe-card/ Socket/ Pogo-pin auto touch count control system
  • Probe-card/ Socket/ Pogo-pin auto touch count control system
  • Special test process control: HDCP code writing process
  • In-house tester maintenance/ repair capability
  • Testers configuration optimization capability
  • Testing capability for wide range temperature (-40óJ~110óJ)
  • We provide capabilities to complete range of IC testing service including PM, RF, CMOS image sensor(CIS), storage, 3G/4G LTE, and WLCSP test for applications in consumer devices, digital devices, mobile devices, automotive devices, wearing device and etc.