Sales and Marketing

Global Testing establishes a special task force team for each customer. This team constitutes by various departments including sales, customer service, operations, quality assurance, testing program development, and production etc.. In order to solve customers' problems in time, we bulit effective communication to content customer needs. Furthermore, our team is able to take precautions to any possible problems. We foresee problems and advise on solutions before problem happened. By this precaution system, we create more value for our customers.

Designated customer service assistants provide consultancy service of engineering testing issue, purchase orders, and customer service by phone call and email. In addition, we always have proper solutions to meet up customers needs no matter it is regular or urgent. The frequent contact and communication enhance the cohesion among team members to strengthen our problem-solving ability.

To ensure data correct and real-time data transmission to our customer, we built up a 24hrs customer service information system. GTC sustain competitive advantage in the industry by satisfying customers' needs and goals.

Products Application

GTC technology development team has extensive experience in this area, and able to perform the wafer sorting and final testing service for applications in consumer electronics and communication devices. Also, we have a lot of experiences in the field of automobile devices testing and wearing device and gain recognition and certification worldwide. We have full-line of system test solutions for logic and mixed-signal (LMS IC), such as MCU (Micro Controller Unit) and DAC (Digital Analog Converter), CMOS image sensor (CIS) controller IC, high-speed interface controller IC, system on chip (SoC), radio frequency/wireless (RF IC), power management (PM IC), storage, 3G/4G LTE chips, and WLCSP test, and etc.

Our promise to clients

  • We have a highly qualified and experienced management and engineering team .
  • We are able to provide our customers with shorter turnaround time.
  • We have the strongest customer-oriented service team.
  • We have superior wafer probing and final testing capabilities
  • We offer latest technology to service customers' state-of-the-art
  • We produce highest and most stable yields

GTC sincerely pride on customers' success.