Compensation and Benefits

In line with our mission of pursuing corporate growth, GTC views employees as our most important assets. As such, GTC is committed to providing our staff with conducive working conditions, as well as the most comprehensive and competitive salary and welfare system. We aim to create a quality environment and work-life balance for all staff to join us wholeheartedly.

Competitive Compensation

GTC provides the specific job description and corresponding key performance indicators (KPI) for each position. In adherence to the "Pay by Performance" principle, every employee´s KPI achievement rate can be used as quantitative data during his/her personal annual performance appraisal. The general salary and benefits provided by GTC are as follows:

  1. Fair and competitive pay levels
  2. Monthly productivity bonus, depending on company´s performance
  3. Year-end bonus, depending on individual work performance. Staff with exceptional performance may expect more than 2 months of year-end bonus
  4. Annual pay revision and staff promotion exercise every May, depending on individual work performance
  5. Incentives given to new staff depending on their learning examination and evaluation results to encourage learning efficiency

Perfect Benefits System

  1. Labor insurance, national health insurance, and free group insurance
  2. Travel insurance provided to the staff who work oversea
  3. As required by law, we have established a Pension Audit Committee to oversee the monthly transfer of 6% of employees' pension fund to his/her personal Labour and Security retirement account, to help employees ensure a secured retirement lifestyle
  4. The committee member of The Employee Welfare Committee plan fringe benefits for staff
  5. Gender equality for all staff at work creates a friendly environment
  6. English language courses provided to encourage all staff to improve their language skills
  7. Vouchers to be given out during Birthdays, Labour Day, and 3 major Festivals (Lunar New Year, Dumpling Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival)
  8. Marriage and funeral contributions, birth celebratory gifts, and hospitalization solatium
  9. Staff meal subsidies
  10. Free supper for all staff working on the night shift
  11. Department meal gatherings and travel subsidies
  12. Staff parking lot rental subsidies

Attentive Employee Service

  1. Annual Dinner, with generous lucky draw prizes (including various electrical appliances, cash, vouchers, motorcycle and cars)
  2. Comfortable accommodation (including desk, wardrobe, air-conditioning, television, refrigerator, washing machine etc) for our Operation Personnel from other cities
  3. Wide range and genre of books and DVDs available for free rental
  4. Staff discount and promotions at participating merchants

Excellent Health Care Plans

  1. We are equipped with 2 medical consultant to provide medical consultation
  2. To arrange annual free yearly health checkups
  3. Courses or lectures to provide health knowledge for colleagues