Training and Development

GTC firmly believes that our employees are an important factor in driving the success of the company. As matter of that, we spare no efforts in educating and training our employees. From production, quality control, research and development, sales, language training to general management, GTC strives to cater to the needs of 'Employee Learning and Development', 'Organizational Growth' and 'Company Policy'.

Training Ideology
In accordance with employees' work progress, the development of organizations and annual operating plans, the company implements various educational training programmes to satisfy organizational, departmental and individual training needs. By adopting a three-pronged approach targeted at training, education and development, the company aims to enhance every employee's knowledge, technical skills and capability to elevate individual and team performances to realise the vision of GTC.
Education and Training System
1. Training for Newcomers
In addition to the standard first-day orientation, all new employees will be put through a mentorship programme to attend professional training according to their job scope. This is to help facilitate a smooth integration into GTC´s working environment, as well as to increase their learning efficiency and work abilities to meet the company´s requirements. The Head of Department will appoint a senior staff as the Mentor in charge of training new staff on their first day of work. At the end of the 3-month training programme, the Mentor will submit an assessment of the new staff´s learning attitude, aptitude and understanding progress for the HOD's evaluation. Depending on their respective teaching and learning results, both the Mentor and new staff will be entitled to incentive rewards.
2. On-the-job Training
The company has designed a staff training and development blueprint based on each position´s skill requirement, providing in-house work skills training or external training when required. The company also taps on in-house expertise and nurtures qualified lecturers on selected specialized skills, to enhance the technical expertise and performance standards of all staff and achieve our aim of human resources optimization.
3. Personal Growth and Self-Management Training
Management courses for staff in the managerial levels offer training in areas such as expanding social network, self-motivation, continued cultivation of potential management talents, as well as strengthening the leadership and management skills of department heads.
4. Special Training Program
In line with the organizational development and strategic planning, the company conducts special training courses to raise overall human resources quality.