Human Resource Management (HRM) Policy

HRM are the management activities of a company, integrating its on-going operation and its core values. It is also highly related to a company´s effective outcomes. Therefore, in order to set up appropriate HRM policies for all employees, we will conduct necessary career planning and training programs for all levels of employees based on the following guidelines:

  • Fair treatment
  • Proper selection and placement
  • Well-planned orientation and training for new-hires in organization
  • Opportunity for career development
  • Opportunity for advancement through the promotion from within
  • Equitable pay for equivalent job functions
  • Comprehensive, competitive compensation and benefits program which could increase the feeling of personal security and satisfaction
  • Good and clear HRM administrative procedures
  • GTTW is committed to conduct its business in accordance with a high ethical standard. Principles are:
    A. Compliance with Laws:
    - With all applicable laws and regulations, such as: labor law and Financial/legal regulations etc.
    B. Respect for the individual:
    - Recognizes the entitlement of all individuals to be treated equitably with dignity and respect and to work in an environment free from harassment.
    C. Integrity and honesty: Consider company's reputation and credibility in all business relationships.
    - No bribery and no acceptance of gifts, entertainment or any other benefit from individual or organizations.
    - No corruption
    - Honest Operation
    - Fair competition
    D. Intellectual Property:
    - No infringement of intellectual property rights
    - Protect intellectual property rights of business partners
    E. Protection of identity:
    - Ensure that anonymity for employee reporting company policy violations.